Project report on nabil bank

Since, the financial data and information were not accessible; I am unable to measure the actual financial performance of the organization. Baker Tilly Nepal Pvt Ltd. Since banks have to maintain high liquidity to meet customers demand, no interest is paid on such deposit.

Project Report of Nabil Bank

The bank should be discouraged to open account for the individuals or firms having bad reputation. In this estimate the following amounts are to be specified: The rate of interest paid to the depositors is generally lower than the rate charged to the borrowers.

The banks normally sanction the loans and advances through current accounts since they are not given in cash. Nepal Arab bank ltd was established in as a first foreign joint venture bank.

The bank should aim towards increasing its customers but it must also provide the quality services to the present customers. It draws surplus money from the people who save and lend them to the people who want to use it for productive purpose.

I am very much delighted and thankful to the organization for allowing me to do internship in their organization. More over the setting up of "Tejaratha Adda" Considered as the father of modern banking institution in Nepal.

Types of DepositsDeposits of commercial banks can he categorized into following two categories 1. So NABIL has also its strength to be proud, some weakness to be recovered and threats to be faced patiently.

Project Report of Nabil Bank

So, I arranged the documents and put the documents inside the respective files and stacked them in one of the corners of the meeting room. Data that I have presented is all from the secondary sources, which are in the annual reports or other printed matters.

Banks utilize efficiencies to attract more deposits to increase credit activities. In this regard, I would like to express my cordial thanks to our supervisor, Mr. Deposit mean amount deposited in current fixed and saving deposit account of hank of financial institutions.

Similarly, while I was assigned at Shiva Shree Hydropower Pvt Ltd, there once occurred a problem of carrying a huge file consisting of all the working papers and documents to the office after 5 p. We were used to the hypothetical financial statements with limited number of items in trial balances and other financial statements like income statement, balance sheet etc.

Vision - The firm's vision is to be the premier auditing, accounting, tax and business consulting firm by every measure that matters. I also got the opportunity to learn the skill of calculating gratuity fund. NGO lobs school associations a. The commercial bank i. According to Commercial Bank Act, fixed account means the account of amount deposit in a bank for a certain period of time.

Due diligence audit includes thorough investigations of the books and records that can range from asset appraisals to day to day transactions. First of all, I would like to thank Tribhuvan University for providing us chance and allowing me for this study.

Kaisaltar Branch Office, Kaisaltar, Bhaktapur.

In such a case banker does not get any protection under Negotiable Instrument Act and is considered guilty of negligence. Project report on summer training at Axis Bank Hewett road, Lucknow History of AXIS BANK Axis Bank was the first of the new private banks to have begun operations inafter the Government of India allowed new private banks to be established.

Nabil Bank Limited, the first foreign joint venture bank of Nepal, started operations in July Project Report on Axis Bank Content 1) Objectives 2) Introduction 3) Retail Branch Operations a) Account Opening b) Fixed Deposits c) Recurring Deposits d) Cash e) Cheque f) Demand Drafts g) Electronic Fund Transfer h) Franking i) E Tax Payments j) Forex Operations 4) Suggestions and Recommendations 5) Conclusion 6) References.

Project Report of Nabil Bank

The report prepared is reviewed and verified by the junior associates and 25 finally reviewed by the senior partner/s before the report is duly signed and submitted to the client.

Another thing I got to notice was the investment behavior of employees of the organization.

Nabil Bank Annual Report

project reaport on nabil bank by dinesh_bhandari_25 in Types > School Work3/5(2). project reaport on nabil bank by dinesh_bhandari_25 in Types > School Work3/5(2).

Project report on nabil bank
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