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India: Monsoon Report - 1

Over India, a subtropical westerly jet develops in the winter season and is replaced by the tropical easterly jet in the summer season. Instead the return of the westerlies is more regarded as a conveyor belt that delivers a series of low pressure centres to Western Europe where they Monsoon report unsettled weather.

On the last day of the Session in Rajya Sabha, Trinamool Congress leader Derek O'Brien almost wore himself out trying to highlight how the government was disrespecting conventions of according due space to Private Member's Business.

The monsoon is widely welcomed and appreciated by city-dwellers as well, for it provides relief from the climax of summer heat in June.

Monsoon of South Asia

When trough is south of its normal position, monsoon will be active over central India. After the arrival at the Eastern Himalayas, the winds turns towards the westtravelling over the Indo-Gangetic Plain at a rate of roughly 1—2 weeks per state, [34] pouring rain all along its way.

However, the monsoon is not a simple response to heating but a more complex interaction of topography, wind and sea, as demonstrated by its abrupt rather than gradual withdrawal from the region. The monsoon turns large parts of India from semi-deserts into green grasslands.

In some areas, you may be fined if you drive around a barricade and need to be rescued. To fill this void, the moisture-laden winds from the Indian Ocean rush into the subcontinent. The dynamic theory explains the monsoon as a global weather phenomenon rather than just a local one.

Jet stream theory[ edit ] Main article: A few moments ago, Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha Ghulam Nabi Azad also made an emphatic appeal demanding more time to seek accountability from the government. The rain occurs in a concentrated belt that stretches east-west except in East China where it is tilted east-northeast over Korea and Japan.

The eastern areas of the Western Ghats do not receive much rain from this monsoon as the wind does not cross the Western Ghats. The eastern areas of the Western Ghats do not receive much rain from this monsoon as the wind does not cross the Western Ghats.

This causes cold wind to sweep down from the Himalayas and Indo-Gangetic Plain towards the vast spans of the Indian Ocean south of the Deccan peninsula. However, geophysical factors like Earth's orbitits rotation, and its axial tilt cause these belts to shift gradually north and south, following the Sun 's seasonal shifts.

A lack of city infrastructure coupled with changing climate patterns causes severe economic loss including damage to property and loss of lives, as evidenced in the flooding in Mumbai that brought the city to a standstill.

As the clouds rise their temperature drops and precipitation occurs. Often houses and streets are waterlogged and slums are flooded despite drainage systems. The jet streams are systems of upper-air westerlies. Time in Parliament — a contested resource As argued in an earlier articleby controlling the 'Time' in Parliament, any government can easily control the discourse and curb dissent.

From 28th onward North Gujarat region also experience heavy rain till that cloudy or partly cloudy condition.

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Each Member of Parliament, except the nominated ones, represent the will of the constituency that sent them to Parliament and needs to be accorded due space to exercise that will.

Dynamic theory[ edit ] According to this theory, during the summer months in the Northern Hemisphere, the ITCZ shifts north, pulling the southwest monsoon winds onto the land from the sea.

The subtropical flow directs northeasterly winds to blow across southern Asia, creating dry air streams which produce clear skies over India. Examples are the formation of a rare low-latitude tropical storm inTropical Storm Vameiand the devastating flood of Jakarta in When outdoors, stay out of washes and stream beds during monsoon season.

As shown in the Fig. The high temperature during the summer over the Tibetan Plateauas well as over Central Asia in general, is believed to be the critical factor leading to the formation of the tropical easterly jet over India.

A strong easterly tropical jet results in a strong southwest monsoon over central India, and a weak jet results in a weak monsoon. The Himalayas act like a high wall, blocking the winds from passing into Central Asiaand forcing them to rise.

Weekly Weather &Monsoon Report dated 25th June 2017

However, it is debatable whether the North and South American weather patterns with incomplete wind reversal should be counted as true monsoons. The same phenomena was seen during last week. How can I safeguard myself.

Often houses and streets are waterlogged and slums are flooded despite drainage systems. Over three-quarters of annual rainfall in Northern Australia falls during this time. Because of the lofty Himalayas, the westerly jet's movement is inhibited.

Forecast for next week:. press release dated 13th november in association with cs gaja press release dated 12th nov. in association with cyclonic storm gaza over bay of bengal. The Thai Meteorological Department Homepage is proud to present an up-to-date information of weather forecast, Hydrological meteorological, Agrometeorological, GIS, climatology Datum, Long range forecasts, Local climate, and its relative products.

Monsoon - Get latest news on Monsoon. Read Breaking News on Monsoon updated and published at Zee News. The report comes as the US Department of Justice orders federal prosecutors to crack down on people who fail background checks or lie on the forms.

More > Retired officer calls Goodyear police. The European Monsoon (more commonly known as the return of the westerlies) is the result of a resurgence of westerly winds from the Atlantic, where they become loaded with wind and rain.

These westerly winds are a common phenomenon during the European winter, but they ease as spring approaches in late March and through April and May.

The winds. 1 Monsoon – A Report, No ESSO/IMD/Synoptic Met//15, India Meteorological Department Chapter 7 PERFORMANCE OF NWP MODELS FOR SHORT RANGE AND MEDIUM RANGE WEATHER FORECASTS S.K.

Roy Bhowmik, V.R. Durai, Ananda K. Das.

Monsoon report
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