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LFE Report on Health and Medical Services Essay Sample

The area of the town is They have other family members like mother in law or daughters or daughters in law taking care of the food preparation. One thing that surprised me is that Anisur Rahman did not take anything as dowry from his wife during their marriage.

We would like to thank all students and faculty members of Independent University, Bangladesh IUB who contributed for data collection. They provide on justice, equity, democracy and environmentally sound principles. Nishat Mahmud stuying in class 3 in Brac. Women who do not get pregnant are considered inferior because they cant bear children.

But this Trend has changed in the recent years. An interaction term between sylhet region and higher education was added in the final model of logistic regression.

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Bivariate analysis of tobacco use with socio-demographic factors, self reported health and chronic morbidity A majority of respondents reported good self-rated health.

Many people in Burundi are mainly engaged with brick field. In the library launched in a room having around area of sqft at House 8, Road 10, Baridhara, Dhaka and traveled to to-days permanent address at Bashundhara as IUB Central Library where the library occupies three floors for stacking reading materials, accommodating readers in reading rooms and the library personnel at work places.

In order to prepare this report, I along with many other students went to Bogra, TMSS; stayed there for a couple of days; went to different households; talked with them and collected necessary data in order to find out different changes in their life style, economic condition, health, psychological factors etc.

Abu nayem is also going to school and reads in class 6. My first assigned was East Noshipur village. Employment problem nowadays is a burning issue in a third world country like us. Basically, the range of land properties owned by the upper class villagers lies between Bighas.

They have two phones, three fans, one wall clock, one bicycle and more than one vori gold. Everyone in this family are physically fit and din not have any kind of accident in the last one year. The village is not economically well off.

Another good thing that I observed that the economic condition of the households are improving. To visualize the different types of health problems according the villagers. Financial surplus of these projects is expended for the development programs.

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We have many things to learn from them. The amount was only tk. LFE was a great opportunity for me to know about my ability to adjust in a new place with a totally different weather and people.

They live in houses made of mud with some having tin roofs and the rest with hays. On the local level, community mental health should make behavioral health services for older individuals a main concern in its yearly Bangladesh is mainly a rural country.

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The shopping products are bought less frequently and need much planning and shopping effort. Windle, "Depressive symptoms and cigarette smoking among middle adolescents: Both in-village labors are called Kamla work together in the fields of the village of Rojakpur.

The sanitation and environment of this household is very good. Services may be the job of a Teacher or job of Imam of the mosque are possessed by the villagers.

They have furniture worth k tk. The Internet is a massive resource of information to which anyone can connect and from which anyone can receive required data.

LFE Report On Health And Medical Services

This course was a great experience. Each pair of interviewer collected data on approximately 11 households during the survey period. The members of this household are highly educated.

So the validity of the information provided remains susceptible to errors. The awareness about health and Medical services are increasing day by day. This is may be for the limited resources and opportunities available within the village. But our entire root is from Gram Bangla.

Four logistic regression models were used in this study. The report contains some basic information about the village where we mentioned about village population, location, schools, madrassa, clinic etc. Finally, we would like to thank others who have provided any kind of information about our report.

Last of all, we thank IUB for allowing us to conduct the research and write the report. Purpose of LFE This report is based on Live in Field winforlifestats.com://winforlifestats.com LFE (Live in field Experience) is the study about predominant culture and mode of production in rural Bangladesh.

the course is only offered in Independent University of Bangladesh (IUB). It is a fact that nearly all the students of IUB have been brought up in urban areas and it is reality that they have little or no idea about “Gram Bangla winforlifestats.com report.

Last of all, we thank IUB for allowing us to conduct the research and write the report. Purpose of LFE This report is based on Live in Field Experience.

Which has to be completed by every students of Independent University, Bangladesh before graduation. Students have to stay about 12 days inwinforlifestats.com LFE in IUB. Nazwa Warda Bintay Salim LFE (Live -in- Field) experience is a four credit course in IUB, quite unique and distinct with its situational approach intended to amalgamate and integrate its students with the typical rural and village life in winforlifestats.com://winforlifestats.com  · Bogra- TMSS, Thengamara, Bogra.

TMSS has been firstly know as Thengamara Mohila Sangha from as a Social Development Organization. On Prof. Dr. Hosne-Ara Begum reforms the organization as Thengamara Mohila Sabuj Sangha (TMSS) and gradually emerged as the biggest national women organization in winforlifestats.com LFE Report Autumn, Bogra TMSS Submitted to: Mr.

Mahabub Morshed Prepared by: Name: Md. Rubel Miah IUB Id: Group no: 9 Date of submission: February 7, Introduction: LFE a course offered by IUB that gives the students an opportunity and experience of a village life style.

Lfe report bangladesh bogra iub
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Tobacco Use in Rural Bangladesh: Socio-Demographic Characteristics, Self Rated Health and Diseases