Bungee barbie lab report

On the other hand, if you shorten the bungee line TOO MUCH, the ride may not be thrilling enough, and Barbie will pay her big bucks to your competitor.

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If you each use a different doll, get different data and develop your own equations, then you can each drop your dolls and see who gives the most thrilling ride. Being Batman, you get to do this several times during the game. Listening to one of the Riddler patient tapes reveals that the Riddler is convinced that Batman is a criminal like him who steals from the criminals he apprehends to fund his operations and has bribed Commissioner Gordon to gain the police's compliance with his actions, because he's convinced that " no one is that selfless ".

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Hold the band tight at the top of the yardstick, and simply let Barbie drop from the head-down position. The Riddler's take on the ancient riddle of the Sphinx. As usual, Sherry was totally naked under her white lab coat. Be sure that she is stretched out completely with her hands at her sides.

However, the trope is averted if you use the armored batsuit. Barbie Bungee NAME _____ In this activity, you will simulate a bungee jump using a Barbie ® doll and rubber bands I believe that _____ is the maximum number of rubber bands that will allow Barbie to safely jump from a height of cm.

Now, conduct the experiment to test your conjecture. bungee barbie & kamikaze ken Setting: Team members have been hired to work for the Acme Daredevil Entertainment Company.

This company provides rock climbing, sky diving, "extreme skiing", and cliff diving adventures to the public. first measured the width of Barbie's waist for the y-intercept, since her waist was always included in the fall.

Secondly, we attached 1 rubber band to Barbie's bungee cord. We then video taped and found the farthest point of her fall and recorded this in inches. Barbie Bungee Lab Repot. Materials: Paper Ruler Barbie Doll Rubber Bands.

Procedures: 1. Tape a large piece of paper to the wall from the floor to a height of about six feet. Barbie as she simulates a bungee jump. Students will take down brief notes to prepare Students will create a lab report of their bungee they created finding all the variables needed.

The items used may be very Barbie Bungee Jump Rubric Names. Bungee Jump Lab-AP Physics 1 Introduction: Your goal is design a bungee jump ride for a Barbie doll. You will use conservation of energy to make your prediction. Determine how high above water Barbie should be dropped to get her hair wet, but not let her face go under the water.

Bungee barbie lab report
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Linear Regression and Barbie Bungee